Cupressus  bakeri

W. L. Jepson, A Flora of California, 1909, Vol. I, p. 61.

     5.   C. bakerii  Jepson  n. sp.    MODOC CYPRESS.   Shrub or becoming a small tree 25 feet high with red-brown bark and very slender branchlets; leaves with a distinct resin pit on middle of keeled back; staminate catkins 1 line long or less; cones globose, satiny or glaucous, 5 to 6 lines in diameter; scales 3 pair or with a fourth smaller upper pair; umbos abruptly drawn to a short point, either nipple-like or compressed, straight or slightly curved; seeds brown, 1½ lines long, narrowly wing-margined.— (Frutex vel arbor parva 25 ped. alta; cortex rufo-fuscus; ramusculi tenuissimi; folia glandula distincta resinferaque in medio carinato dorso; amenta staminata 1 lin. vel minus longa; coni globosi, nitidi vel glauci, 4 ad 6 lin. in diametro; tria paria squamarum vel quartum par min or supra; umbones abrupte contracti ad apicem vel papillati vel compressi, recti vel leniter unci; semina fusca 1½ lin. longa, anguste marginata ala).
     Lava beds of southeastern Siskiyou and southwestern Modoc cos. Between Little Hot Spring Valley and Hills Farm, it is associated with Juniper, Yellow Pine and Knob-cone Pine (M. S. Baker).