Cupressus  goveniana var. pigmea

J. G. Lemmon, West-American Cone-Bearers, 1895, 3rd ed., p. 76-77.

Group 2. Californian Cypresses


No. 4—North-Coast Cypress. . . . . . . . C. Goveniana, Gordon

     Rare, shrubby trees from Monterey Bay northward to Mendocino. Foliage pea green; cones small, of scales; seeds dark. Abundant on Mt Tamalpias near San Francisco.

     PIGMY CYPRESS.     Var. pigm a.   n. var.*

     Shrubs or small trees, from 4 inches to 10 feet high, but whatever the size, freely-bearing and often retaining the cones through many years; cones small about 1/2 inch thick, of few scales and seeds. Sparsely found on the ashen "White Plains" back from the coast, near Mendocino.
* New variety, not before published.