Cupressus  revealiana

Jeff Bisbee, Bull. CCP, 2012, Vol. 1, No 1, p. 7.

Cupressus revealiana (Silba) Bisbee, comb. nova
validation as a new Cupressus species

with notes on identification and distribution of other nearby cypress species.

     The northern Baja California Cypress was first described in 1981 by J. Silba as a variety of Cupressus arizonica under the name C. a. var. revealiana. Later, Silba (2009) treated it as a species but in the segregate genus Hesperocyparis, publishing the combination Hesperocyparis revealiana. With the recent conclusion of monophyly of the genus Cupressus sensu lato (Mao et al. 2009 ; Christenhusz et al. 2011), it is necessary to make the following new combination :
     Cupressus revealiana (Silba) Bisbee, comb. nova
     Basionym : Cupressus arizonica Greene var. revealiana Silba, Revised Generic Concepts of Cupressus L. (Cupressaceae). Phytologia 49 (4): 393 (1981).
     Synonyms :
     ≡ Cupressus arizonica Greene subsp. revealiana (Silba) Silba, A Monograph of the Genus Cupressus L. in the Twenty-First Century. Journal of the International Conifer Preservation Society 12 (2): 51 (2005).
     ≡ Hesperocyparis revealiana (Silba) Silba, The Taxonomy of the Genus Hesperocyparis Bartel et Price in Mexico and Honduras (Cupressaceae). Journal of the International Conifer Preservation Society 16 (2): 67 (2009).
     Type : Mexico, Baja California Norte, Sierra Juarez, near El Rincón, R. Moran 21251 (holo-: SD).