Cupressus  atlantica

Gaussen 1950 in Monde des Plantes, Paris, No. 270/71, p.55.

Synonyms :
Cupressus dupreziana var. atlantica (Gaussen) Silba 1998
Rejected : C. dupreziana, due to its reproduction characteristic (pollen is diploid, see: apomixis), does not hybridize with C. atlantica; cones and seedlings are different and easily distinguished.
Cupressus sempervirens var. atlantica (Gaussen) Silba 1981
Rejected : C. atlantica is closer to C. dupreziana than to C. sempervirens which distribution range is limited to Eastern Mediterranea.

Common languages :
Local nameFrançaisEnglish
AzalCyprès de l'Atlas
Cyprès du Maroc
Moroccan Cypress
Atlas Cypress

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